GRE test scores: know to calculate scores

While it is the matter of GRE scores, then students often get confused how to interpret it. In the student’s mind, few questions start cluttering and they are “What scores are making us eligible for college?” or “What is a great GRE score?” If we really want answers for those questions, then understanding about different components of the GRE test become very much required. Also, we should know to calculate the GRE test scores.

In this discussion, we will see how to calculate GRE scores. On the scale of 200 to 800, the GRE verbal and quantitative reasoning sections are scored, with 10 point increments. In case of analytical writing section, it is scored on a 0-6 scale, with half-point increments. Our scores on the quantitative and verbal sections are dependent how we perform on the given questions and on the total number of questions answered in the time of allotment. Different verbal and quantitative parts of the GRE test are formulated in a ‘computer-adaptive testing’ (CAT) format. When we want to do comparison of GRE test scores, then the best way to do so is to compare them to other students. Also, we need to see the preference of the required colleges. The below mentioned information summarizes our percentile with other students. For example, if we score a 600 on our GRE verbal reasoning score, then it implies that our percentile score is 85, which means we have scored better than 85% of the other students who had taken the GRE test.

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