Grant Writing

Grant writing is a specialized type of writing that takes special skills. If you have never written a grant before we recommend you take a grant writing course in order to learn the specific skills necessary so that you can write a grant in the proper format. The competition for grants is very strong and in many cases you may be up against organizations that have seasoned grant writing professionals on their staff. In essence grant writing is writing for a competition. However, dont let that dissuade you. Many grants have been awarded to smaller organizations, even individuals if they qualify and if they can fill a particular need in a special way that is perceived as better than the other candidates for the grant.

One of the most important things to do before you start writing a grant is to research the grant proposal requirements. The organizations that offer grants usually publish a lengthy set of rules and guidelines for grant submission and that is what you need to review very carefully before any attempt at writing a grant. Play close attention to the details as these documents can be very lengthy and spell out the requirements for submission, which need to be followed to the letter for you to have a chance at winning the grant. Many grants have submission deadlines and procedures to follow if you have any questions about the grant process. If you miss a deadline you should expect your grant proposal to be rejected, so be very careful about the deadline dates and if you must mail your grant proposal then allow ample time for it to be delivered. If you mail your proposal it is a good idea to have the postal service give you a delivery confirmation. This service is offered by the USPS for a nominal charge and with it you can track your delivery status online. That way you will be certain that your grant proposal got to the correct destination on time. Overnight delivery services provide the same delivery features but the cost of sending a package is much higher.

When learning about the grant writing process you do not have to go at it alone. That is why we recommend a grant writing course for those that are not familiar with the grant writing process. The are many things you can learn to make your grant writing successful by taking such a course.

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