Go for the best Debit Cards in Australia

Debit card plays an important role in today’s tech savvy customer and most of them prefer to carry plastic money instead of carrying currencies, exposing them to all kinds of risks and it works almost the same way. Debit cards are used with the purpose of buying products and services from the market without carrying money. The customer instead used the debit card to make payments, by signing a slip at the point of sale or entering their secret code at the customer’s place which results in his account being debited. It is also used for withdrawing money from ATMs and replaces the need to visit a brick and mortar bank for having access to financial transactions.

While going for a Visa Debit Card or Debit Mastercard, it would make good business sense to draw a comparison with other such products available in the market. Good cards should have a host of facilities which are described hereunder. These cards irrespective of the institution which markets it should have a universal acceptance. Today preferred debit cards are accepted in at least 170 countries. Further more there should be the facility of providing for online shopping, enhanced security features, facilities for providing free sms for every transaction that done by the card holder.

A good debit card should also offer personalized features like having the customer’s photo embedded in it, waiver of fees for linking the card to the customer oft-used saving accounts, allowing the customer to choose his own pin number and giving him the flexibility of changing the pin as and when he wants.

Another feature which every customer looks forward to is the ease in use for withdrawing money and performing other transactions. High performing Visa Debit Card ensures performing ATM functions in close to 1 million ATMs spread across the globe. There are also other features which have such as facility for online banking, waiver of annual fee etc.

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