Getting The Most From Your Business Phone Line

Whether you are your entire business or you employ dozens of remote workers and have a team of hundreds in the office, you need to ensure that you have the best possible business phone line so that your business doesnt suffer at the hands of poor call quality, a lack of features, and other problems. A business phone line doesnt have to cost the earth and it can incorporate landline and mobile calls, broadband and mobile data, and even VOIP calls to save you money on some calls.

Creating The Perfect Business Phone System

When it comes to choosing hardware for the office, you need to initially consider how many people are in the building. Will everybody require a line? How many people are likely to be on the phone at the same time? Do you need Internet and fax lines over the same business phone line? Will you need a switchboard or reception style board?

The Phones

The phones themselves are also important. Certain functions are obviously a necessity, such as hands free or headset calling, as well as call forwarding. Call routing and voicemail may also be considered important for you and your business. Fax machines, routers, and switches are all a part of your business phone network as well.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are especially vital to those employees or team members that are out of the office regularly. They enable everybody to remain in touch regardless of location and requirement. Your mobile contract can be combined with your fixed business phone line contract in order to achieve good cost savings and make the management of your telecoms costs simpler and more efficient. Find the handsets that are most beneficial to you and your team.


The Internet has changed the business landscape for most organisations. Email is only a beginning of how the net is used to communicate with clients. This means that businesses have a greater need for more reliable, more consistent, and better value Internet connections. Both fixed broadband and mobile broadband may be included as part of the package for your business, again saving money and proving more convenient. offers an affordable and convenient solution to combine your business phone line , mobile, and broadband contracts into a single convenient package.