Getting Secured

The world is getting harder to trust these days. You cannot just leave your things unattended otherwise you won’t ever catch a glimpse of your precious belongings. It is rather difficult to lose our most valued possessions. I, too, had experienced that helpless situation.

I was in my deep sleep one night in my dormitory when an unknown culprit stealthily got in to our room and ruthlessly took away my phone and my ATM. I was a freshman in a medical school that time and having grown up in the outskirts, I was not really used to the outside vile urban world. It was really very traumatic waking up seeing your things scattered all over the place. The first thing that I noticed was that my mobile phone, which is always on my head side to serve as my alarm clock, was no longer there. I ran my fingers through the bed covers with the notion that it could have been just stuck somewhere. But to my surprise, as I helped myself out of bed, the door was left ajar. I felt a chill ran down my spine. I felt paralyzed and all I could hear was the loud thumping of my heart as if popping out of my rib cage. I managed to get myself out of the bedroom and behold- my bag was left open on the couch. The contents are mercilessly poured all over the floor. The burglar left my wallet but took away the bills in it along with my debit card leaving me not a single penny. I was just one of those who had experienced being vulnerably robbed. Still, it is something to be grateful about since I was not physically harmed.

We are luckier these days because we now have security devices which can watch us over looming thieves. There are now available spy keys and spy sunglasses. The spy key is actually a decoy camera. It appears to be a remote control car key but it is however built-in with a camera. It also has a pop out key which serves to hide the USB port which can carry up to 16 gigabytes. The spy key is also amped with a motion detector that can distinguish any sound and movement. This is very much handy to bring when you want to get footage of something suspicious. You can also record as much as you can because it has large storage memory. The spy sunglasses are actually technology’s cutting edge. You may probably recognize this in one of Tom Cruise’s scene in the phenomenal Mission Impossible series. However, these spy sunglasses are more techie than his specs because this can record a high resolution video and has an 8-gigabyte storage memory. This is a terrific way to come in style on a mission.

So, linger no more, hurry up and get one for yourself. Gear yourself up with these techie innovations. It is indeed crucial to load yourself with these spy devices to make yourself secured in these uncertain times.

Cori N. Baker enjoys writing for which sells spy key and mace spray as well as a host of additional products.


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