Free Music Editing Software (DubTurbo)


What is DUBturbo?

DUBturbo is a professional beat production software that allows you to create your own beats using thousands of different sounds. It even allows you to import your own sounds or create them with your own keyboard.

DUBturbo doesn’t just offer you a tool for producing music. It also keys you in on how to make money with the beats you’ll be producing with their software.

DUBturbo Features

DUBturbo Sequencer – there are keyboard shortcuts everywhere so you can maneuver around the software and produce music fast. Familiar panel layout to big DAW’s and production tools makes the sequencer easy to use.

‘ 16 tracks of stereo boomin’ sound to build your hot beats with

‘ Easily draw in or trigger sounds with keyboard shortcuts

‘ Draw in bars and build in 2 clicks – change sounds/patterns fast

‘ Drag and copy your bars around – then easily edit them

‘ Jog through 1000s of sounds and drums

‘ Record live to the metronome or draw or tap in your beats

‘ Edit volumes, go solo, mute, save, edit the tempo

Export your 44.1 studio quality .wav Master – this is industry standard!

Drum Machine Panel – Every pad has a keyboard trigger assigned to it (from 1-10, moving up the keyboard) so you can bang in your beats on the keyboard, simply typing them as if you’re on an MPC.

‘ 10 pads per kit, 40+ kits

‘ Easy to record your beat with triggers or draw it in

‘ Change your kit selection on the fly to change up beats fast

‘ Edit the volume of each pad

‘ Move sounds around, erase with ease, and import your own

‘ All drums have been mastered with very high quality

‘ Stereo-imaging – makes your beat sound full

Export just the drums or full tracks

4 Octave Keyboard – This allows you to play your melodies using keys, no need for MIDI controllers. You’ll get everything here from pianos to saxes, stabs, hiphop hits, quirks, bass, bells, etc. You can also import your own sounds.

‘ 4 full octave keyboard

‘ Simply draw in melodies or play/record with your keyboard

‘ Change your instrument selection on the fly – no load time

‘ Edit the volume of each sample and overlap other sounds fast

‘ Move sounds around or erase notes with one click

‘ Thousands of sounds mastered and stereo-imaged

‘ Auto-quantize your recording – notes snap to the right spots!

DUBturbo compatibility

You can use DUBturbo whether you own a PC or a Mac. You can even use it on your iPad or iPhone. DUBturbo leaves you with the option of using the software online or you can install it on your computer. The beauty of you being able to access it online is that you can make beats anywhere there is an Internet connection! Whether you’re on vacation or just hanging around in your friend’s house, you can access the software from the members area.

The DUBturbo Package

You can gain access to DUBturbo’s amazing features for only $ 29.95! That’s really way too cheap, especially considering that you can also make money out of the music you produce. The package includes the following:

DUBturbo sequencer

Video tutorials

4 premium sample packs

DT instrumental pack

Movie and mood music

Premium updates for 20 years

So, if you’re serious about making your own hit music then DUBturbo could definitely serve as your starting point. With it, you can easily learn how to make your own beats and create them using keyboard shortcuts that would make it faster and easier for you.

Create your own unique beats with DUBturbo now and get into the music industry with your high-quality production!


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