Foundation Repair Companies

It has often been said that a building is only as solid as its foundation. The foundation is truly the base that supports the structure of a building. As such it must be solid and remain intact, or it will continue to deteriorate and cause problems throughout the other areas of the building.

It is easy to see the effects of the failing foundation. Cracking drywall or ceilings, misalignment of doors, windows that stick and will not open or close smoothly are just some of the clues. Growing cracks in the interior or exterior walls, leaks, sloped floors in the garage, all these are symptoms of the failure.

Back when the building was first constructed, there should have been steps taken to prevent future foundation issues. Water should have been directed away from the base, trees with large roots should have been removed, or the roots cut back, and all important drainage should have been arranged to keep moisture from building up around the structure. The preparation of the construction site was all important at the start and even with due care, this may not have been done adequately. The environment changes over time and this has an effect on the building, the materials, and the surrounding site.

In a perfect world, all this would have been done, and more. The foundation would last forever, and the building would never suffer from the aforementioned problems.

But, since none of us live or work in a perfect world; problems with support structure do happen, and this occurs all too frequently in some construction.

The important thing here is to address any problem early. This should happen as soon as a crack is seen, a leak develops, or some other above mentioned symptom is noticed. Have a trained professional evaluate the structure, checking the foundation and determining what needs to be done to restore it to a solid and reliable state. Any accompanying repairs should be done at the same time to get the other parts of the structure back up to what is considered code level, based on the rules in the area where the building is located. Inspection afterwards also insures the work is done correctly, and no shortcuts have been taken.

Finding an experienced and recommended foundation repair company is the main thing here, and referrals from satisfied and knowledgeable past customers is helpful. Be assured of the strength of your foundation, and the solid structure of your building. Choose wisely when hiring a foundation repair company, to be sure the job is done right the first time.

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