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With uncertain and delicate economic times, corporates are taking essential steps in order to cut down their overhead costs on unwanted things. Electricity bill which every corporate has to pay always goes high if they use some old technologies for regular operation.  The same story goes with the companyfaxwhich with time has evolved out in the form of online faxing system.

It’s a cloud computing technique where you outsource your faxing system to the third party server which handles all your operation. As an intermediary service, this company handles all your faxing requirements creating more convenience for you in handling your more important business work.  This corporate fax system has many advantages over the conventional fax system where you need a dedicated phone line, server, printer and much more.

First of all, it’s more secure than any other faxing system where your fax message is encrypted and directlydelivered to your inbox as an email. Only intended to be seen by the owner and receiver, this is more secure than the conventional one where anyone can see your message in your absence. This faxing system is completely mobile and can be accessed via laptop or your cellphone.  This has made your office communication much easier, safer and portable which can be accessed from anywhere in the world with secure internet connection.

How this exactly works?

You must have a computer with dedicated internet connection and you only need to register yourself with the third party server who will provide you an online dashboard with the facility of fax.  A personal fax number will be created that will be attached with the person’s email addressee. You are only required to compose the body of the fax and type the personal fax number of the recipient instead of addressee. The recipient will receive the fax message in his inbox in PDF or TIFF format. Delivery station converts fax to pdf format and delivers to your inbox.

Such fax PDF generally comes at a price which means sending fax electronically comes with a nominal cost. You will get numerous companies who will provide you various plans according to your business requirements. Company fax system is now converting more into online faxing system because of the convenience and portability. But, this system also has its own cons such as the delivery time. The whole process takes some time because emails are forwarded to a fax server which processes them in order of priority. Hence, the time taken for sending the fax is not faster than what you get through an instant dialup system for faxing.

Most companies charge nominal fees around $ 10 with monthly plan or even less than that for 500 fax messages. It depends on companies on their fax plan and eventually, you will decide taking your business requirements on priority. Online fax system although has transformed the way business messages are faxed, but still there are many loopholes on the services provided and delivery time which needs to be taken care.

The author name is Jatin Hira, 21 year old. He is a web designer.

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