Email Marketing: How Do You Prequalify Your Prospects

People don’t read online

Most often visitors who had landed on your webpage are just casual passerby. They may get interested to read your contents or they may not.  Most will scan the titles and headlines first before they decide to continue reading the rest of the text. Readers online are very selective in their reading. Only those who are seriously looking to buy something will read your whole text.

Brought to you via the search engines

But the chances that those who visited your site are brought in by the search engines or other related referral webpage of similar niches and they might stick on a little bit longer to see what’s in for them. You’d better take this opportunity to capture these type of audience—the fence sitter.

Do they know you?

In order to give them the benefits of the doubt, you must give them a chance to get to know you better. But how do you know that they might be interested in what you are offering? Not now but for the future?

Can you start to build a lasting relationship with them? Start engaging with them now.

Some may buy from you at an instant at your sales page but you’ll be disappointed to know that most would not buy from you at first sight because they may not know you.

But how do you convert your visitors into customers?

The solution lies in giving an irresistible offer to them in return for their contact name and email addresses where you could follow-up with them and do the selling to them. This is what we called the opt-in offer–the first step in your engagement with your prospect.

Powerful tool

An opt-in is powerful tool to prequalify your visitor. Let them get to know you better from your series of emails that you would send to them. Remember you only want those who are only interested in your business. Some may never be your customer and leave your sales funnel but some will become your customer and being a loyal one thereafter, even after they have left your system.

To make them opt-in to your mailing list you have to offer them an incentive, a gift, that is related to your products and services–something of instant gratification that they may want to know about your business right away. That way you may get them interested to opt-in or they will leave and may never return to your site.

You have to capture as many visitors as possible so that you’ll have a large pool of resources for you to work on your filtering inside.  The opt-in secret is that if they find your free offer so compelling and so good, they may think that your sales product could be far superior and value-for-money than the one they got it for free. In fact you should give them something of better value than your selling products and services that you have to offer.

For only those who are really interested

Prequalifying your prospects early before they may enter in your sales funnel would result in better results as you progress in your courting with your prospects effectively in your follow-up. Some may not be your genuine prospects and may drop out along the way. This would spell the difference between lowly-targeted and outstanding sales performance for you.

Push the emotional button

But the filtering process must begin with an appealing title that pushes the emotional button of your visitors:

“Let My Inbox Cash Techniques Send Cash To Your Inbox – Like Clockwork!”





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