Do You Chase a Man to Get Him Back?

Actually this is a way that you could lose him forever. Seriously – here me out on this one. Men don’t want to be chased if they have just broken up with you. And the majority of women who do chase after the ex’s don’t ever win them back.

One of the best things you could do to get him back is to make it look as though you are fine with the decision to break up. Yeah right! Easier said than done. Yes! It’s going to take a ton of effort on your part to control your emotions and not let on that you are hurting real bad inside.

Lets see… what is something you usually enjoy doing on your own or with other girlfriends? Can’t you try and do more of those kind of things with the free time you now have. Try to pack as much into your day as possible to take your mind off him. Then if you cross paths from time to time but don’t make the effort to contact him, he will start to think twice about the whole break up. He might even start to wonder if you still love him or not.

Do you know that men often chase after things they can’t have. That’s why they will do so much to get that women they have got their eye on. So your chasing after them now, since the break up, is not going to help one bit. You need to give him a huge amount of space and if he starts to feel that you are a bit beyond his reach, you are in a much better position of getting him back.

So are you getting the answer to your question, “Do you chase a man to get him back?” I hope you are seeing that the answer is a definite NO! You have to play the hard to get game and make out as if you are actually the one who is happier with the break up than he is. Sorry if you came looking for easy advice! I know this idea doesn’t look the easiest, but it works. And you want to do what works right?

I assume now that you will stop asking the question “Do you chase a man to get him back?” and have realized that you have got to do the exact opposite. But in order for this all to work, there are some super important things you need to do along the way, so that your “hard to get” attitude doesn’t push him too far away. The timing in this whole process is ultra, super important. Doing this wrong could end the relationship for ever. If you want something like a road map to give you great directions and steps to follow then visit for some eye opening info and tons more help.