Discover All The Cards You Can Print With A Card Printer

Card printers have become very popular in the last years, especially in corporate environments. There are plenty and varied card printer models available in the market and, as they are affordable in price, sleek in design, light in weight and compact in size, business organizations of all kinds and sizes have introduced them as a valuable gadget.

ID cards as well have also become increasingly popular and they can be used in multiple occasions. Offices,schools, hospitals, libraries, clubs and retail stores are only a few of the environments that can experience the advantages of providing their staff members and visitors with identification badges.

A single card printer can be used to provide multiple types of identification badges. Let us review some of the most popular ones:

Employee ID Badges: These are, at large, the most popular ID badges and the ones we are most acquainted with. They provide business organizations with the chance of identifying their staff members and keeping track of their whereabouts and attendance. According to how strict the companys security policy is, the employee ID badges are more or less sophisticated.
Child ID cards: In such an unsafe world, parents should always do their best effort in order to ensure that their children can be found immediately in case they get lost or kidnapped. Child ID cards contain all the personal information of the child (full name, parents name, address, home phone number, parents office number, Social Security Number, physical appearance, scars or particular marks, and so on) that can help the police authorities find the child as soon as possible.
Gift and Loyalty cards: Especially popular in retail stores and small companies, gift and loyalty cards provide organizations with the valuable opportunity of pampering their clients and make them feel special. Loyalty and gift cards are great marketing tools that help businesses enhance their brand awareness and increase sales.
School ID cards: Providing students and staff members with identification badges is useful not only to fulfill identification purposes but also to make sure that only authorized people are in the premises. In addition, students and employees can use their ID badges to borrow books from the school library, buy their lunch or a cup of tea at the cafeteria and even to buy items at a discount at some nearby shops.
Library ID badges: Libraries and clubs receive lots of visitors and it is important to ensure that only authorised personnel and visitors are in the premises. This can easily be solved by issuing ID badges.

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