Discharge Screen Printing

The last thing which one would expect from the people wearing different print t shirts is to have the knowledge of the technical aspect attached to these t shirts. There are many technical issues which have to be dealt with while developing even a single t shirt. The printing of the t shirt is much more than getting designs drawn on the materials of the t shirts. The most widely used printing methods by people all around the world is the discharge screen printing. The usage of this method for bringing up prints on the clothing materials dates back to as long as two thousand years.

Realising this fact, one would be ensured why this method is considered to be the most widely used method. There are many reasons for the survival of this printing method when many other printing methods came in, became a rage and then perished because of the beatings from the changing times. The fact that it has been from the times when the idea of printing was conceived makes it the first choice for the conservative thinking people. The main reason for the prolonged survival is the simplicity attached to this method.

Also, the method under discussion for printing the t shirts is very affordable and hence very suitable for the naive entrepreneurs trying to make a place for themselves in the market. Talking about the simplicity of this method, there are only three steps involved for accomplishing the task of printing. The first step is to get the designs, desired to be printed on the t shirt material, etched on a screen. Then, the printing ink, most probably discharge printing ink, is put onto the screen. The last, and the final third, step is to stamp the coloured designs onto the t shirt materials.

There are many advantages attached in the use of discharge ink for the screen printing method. The fact that this printing ink can be easily sprayed onto the screens makes the printing process even simpler. Moreover, the prints resulting on the t shirts are very rigid, as required by the consumers. Also, the Custom t-shirts which have designs printed on them with the help of discharge ink do not get stubborn because of the prints. The t shirts remain as soft as they were before the printing process was accomplished.

One of the most under estimated aspect of the usage of discharge ink in screen printing method is the excellent opacity which they impart to the designs printed on the t shirts. Most of the other inks have to employ a lighter base while printing designs on the black base of the t shirt materials so that they get better opacity. This is not the case with the discharge ink being used in the printing method. Although, there is a disadvantage of no assurance of colour matching attached to the discharge ink used in screen printing method, this method is among the top in the list of widely used printing methods.

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