Differentiate your Business with your Business Cards

When you run a business you need to always put your best foot forward. This means offering high quality products or services to gain profit. There are actually a lot of ways you can make your business stand out. Obviously, some strategies will work better than others, but one thing you need to keep in mind is to be different. Pick out a unique strategy and stick with it. Remember that trying to be everything to everybody will only muddle your true identity. This will only make you go unnoticed in the market. You need to focus on one thing and make your target customers see your credibility out of it.

The same is true in your business cards. You need to design it in such a way that it will work on your target customers effectively. As much as possible, don’t create a card that markets to everybody. If you do this, you will only end up with nothing. So you need to keep a razor-sharp focus on the business card that will cater to your target market. The question now is: how do you do this?

Imagine your business card as a mini-flyer. As much as possible, you need to keep your card focused and simple, but interesting. Use the right color, images, or designs that appeals to your prospects, an appealing and relevant motto, and of course your logo. Naturally, your contact information must be there, too. Your business card design has to capture the imagination of your prospects immediately and prompt them to get in touch with you. Do not make it too wordy though. Just give them enough information to get them interested, and nothing more.

Say, for instance, you run a furniture shop in an area that has at least three other shops like yours. In order to stand out, why not consider focusing on unpainted furniture to set your business apart from your competitors. And don’t forget to tell this in your business card.

Keep your business card purposeful. Your business card is not there just to make you look good. It has to have a purpose. Your card needs to say what your business does, and it should tell your target customers why they should contact and not your competitors.

Customize your business card. Because it is important that your card tells your prospects your uniqueness, you need to customize its design. As much as possible stay away from pre-designed business card templates as they offer limited design choices.

Call the experts. If you want to be unique, you have to pay for it. The good news is it doesn’t cost a lot to create custom business cards these days. There are business card printing companies today that offer high quality output at reasonably affordable prices. Some offer discounts for ordering in bulk and other offer special promos. A professional printer will surely help you create a unique and focused business card.

As much as possible, you need to create a unique feel for your business. Just think of Starbucks. They have good coffee, but so do other coffee shops. What makes Starbucks distinct is the experience of going to their shop. By giving your business and your business card a unique feel, you can easily separate your business from your competitors.

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