Devise A Plan

San Antonio bankruptcy lawyers are reporting a large increase in clients looking for an economic rescue. Most San Antonio bankruptcy lawyers say that people from all levels of society are coming in for help. There are lawyers, accountants, small business owners, blue and pink collar workers.

There are many professional San Antonio bankruptcy lawyers; you should not have any trouble finding one. Be sure to take some time and get the right one for you.

A good place to start might be asking relatives or friends for a referral. It might surprise you to find out how many of your friends and relatives have had to seek professional help in restructuring their finances.

If your friends or relatives have been lucky or smart then go to the internet and search for a good match. Most lawyers have web sites or are members of the bar association or have some other type of listing.

In addition, you can find references for lawyers from church and community organizations. They often keep files of professionals, and some of those lawyers may even be members of the church or organizations.

Find a lawyer or two and devise a plan. Yes, a plan. Your lawyer will be your advocate, but you must be your own best advocate. Nobody cares more about your economic situation than you. Something to remember.

Your lawyer may advise you to file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy. Chapter 7 will have you selling your assets and paying off your creditors. Chapter 13 will let you keep some assets and set a schedule to repay your creditors.

Your advice might be more conservative, such as getting a second job, getting on a budget or even selling some toys.

Your time with your lawyer is the first step in reorganizing your finances and getting you back on firm financial footing. Make each moment count!

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