Denied Disability Claims

Individuals who suffer from serious disability may be forced to alter their normal life routines and may have to find alternative means of income if their disabilities prevent them from working. Many individuals who have been in serious accidents find that they can no longer perform the duties required of them by their former employment, and must decide whether or not to file for disability.

Social Security disability benefits were designed to provide support for individuals who cannot support themselves in the manner they were once used to. Persons who feel they may be eligible for disability compensation must file an application with the Social Security Administration (SSA) and have their case approved before receiving benefits.

In some cases, an individual who has applied for benefits from the SSA and may receive a letter rejecting the claim for disability compensation. In the event of a rejected application, individuals should follow the following steps:

Do not panic, because many cases are rejected initially.
Consult an experienced Social Security disability attorney for help with your case
File an appeal
Collect as much evidence as you can to bolster your case, including medical records, doctor’s recommendations, and work-history
Pursue the appeal of your claim

In many instances, individuals who were initially denied benefits through the SSA find their applications granted upon further review. There are many reasons for an initial denial, including incomplete paperwork, errors on the application, or further proof needed to show disability. Once the case goes to appeal, the persons in charge of determining disability payments may be able to examine the details of your case and approve the award of disability compensation.

An experienced Social Security disability lawyer may be able to help you pursue the compensation you need. Many times, the attorney can help represent you during appeals hearings and other discussions regarding your claim. He or she can also examine your application and let you know what important information was omitted or should be included to help bolster your claim. Many people find that legal representation was key to helping them with their appeal.

Individuals who suffer from disabilities that prevent them from being able to work and earn an adequate living wage often turn to Social Security disability benefits to help them through their daily lives. If you would like to know more about disability claims and appeals, visit the website of the Indianapolis Social Security disability lawyers of the Charles D. Hankey Law Office, P.C.

Joseph Devine

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