CV Cover letters

Applying for a job? What is your plan of action? Write a good resume referring to some resume samples, send the resume to the employer, and wait for an interview call. Right? However, are you sure, you will get the interview call. More importantly are you sure that the employer will read your resume? If your answer is ‘no’, you must understand that certain action is missing from your plan of action. This is your resume cover letter. When you send your resume, you do not meet the employer; but you need to still build a rapport with the employer. This can be done with the help of your resume or CV cover letter.

The cover letter accomplishes three purposes –

It introduces you to the prospective employer
It presents the most relevant and important information to the employer at a glance
It justifies your application for the said position
It also gives you a chance to explain your interests in the organization, wherein you send your job application

You would think that the resume does the same thing, then how is this letter different. The resume presents all the information related to your academics, professional experience, and achievements. This letter on the other hand presents, the most relevant information, which directly answers the employer’s requirements. Moreover, it gives you a chance to justify yourself for the position. Your resume will only present an account of your information, but the letter will help you justify your eligibility.

After introduction and justification of your eligibility, another purpose is the interest in the organization. When you write this, you put forth the efforts you put in for researching about the organization. If you know a specific person who would influence the selection decision, research about him/her and a few pleasing lines will help you hit the iron. The research might be very simple by reading a few articles over the net, or studying their website. However, the employer would feel that you are highly interested in the organization, and thus know everything about it. Further more, it would also let the employer know that you are hard working or smart working, and thus create a backing before writing anything.

Thus, writing a resume cover letter increases the chances of your resume being read by the employer. If he/she feels that your cover letter is interesting, he/she would further read your resume. Think for a moment, and draft a cover letter to get your dream job.

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