Coolmax Memory foam mattresses

Unlike the older style spring models, the memory foam types have a most unique feeling when your body is lying on top of one of these most comfortable pads. The reason why this type of foam has a memory actually has a brief history attached to it, but will help with the purchasing decision.


The NASA space program is actually the founding company for memory foam mattresses. This was invented and approved due to its ability to evenly dissipate the effects of G-forces that are experienced by astronauts in the space program. Scientists in this area actually gave it a technical term called “visco-elastic” foam. Like many other great innovations that had their beginnings in the space program, memory foam found its way into other fields as well. For example medicine used it to treat immobile patients to prevent bed sores.


There are actually 2 separate sections to all of these mattresses, and each of them is composed of polyurethane foam. The top layer is the one responsible for cradling and supporting the human body. This is what most people take a liking to since it gives them a great sense of comfort. Underneath this layer is the high density foam which is used to provide the type of structure necessary to hold its shape. There is an additional layer on the bottom of the foam which is comprised of a non-slip material that doesn’t allow the unit to move around when put into place. The bottom also has built-in ventilation holes to provide air circulation. Together, all of these factors combine to give a memory foam mattress an amazing feel, providing consumers with the utmost in comfort while providing the basis for a most restful night’s sleep.


While the more traditional mattresses have a large number of springs integrated into their base unit, the “visco-elastic” type is similar in that the top layer has the same exact effect without all of the metal coils integrated into it.


The human body is gently cradled as the memory foam actually senses pressure and contours itself perfectly. For many a sleeper, this becomes their own custom mattress. This means that each and every part of the body can have an even layer of support. With the ability to adjust itself to the smallest contours of the human body, this foam can provide the utmost in comfort level.

With the ability to adjust itself to the smallest contours of the human body, this foam can provide the utmost in comfort level. When you want a quality night’s sleep it is brilliant to be cool, coolmax memory foam mattresses make it possible, it is specially designed to move perspiration away from the body!

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