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Consolidate your transportation needs with FreightGuru by using our web-based tools to help you manage your freight trucking. Trucking has become an integral part of all big industries and business, whether as a supplement, complement or even replacement for short haul freight operations. Freight trucking has come a long way from what it used to be. When it comes to servicing your customers, you need a transport company which will form a natural extension of your own team. The dependable, quality service, which Freight Guru provides, is second to none! One of the many benefits of dealing with an organization such as Freight Guru is that we are approachable at all levels. We are confident that the entire staff of Freight Guru will handle your needs efficiently and effectively. We look forward to being of service to you and your organization.

Overview on Freight Trucking

In the early days the invention of the train provided the early settlers easy access to the rest of the country. Trains were used to transport people and goods across country but they were slow and dangerous. They also had a limit to what areas they could travel. Since then motor freight trucking has become the king of the highway. The trucking industry has taken over the distribution of all types of freight. Their large van or trailer areas can hold a lot of merchandise and the trucks can pretty much go wherever a car can go. Shipping by truck has been a major factor in the United States economy. When shipping by truck you can take that orange which is grown in Florida and send it to California while it is still fresh. The trucking industry has allowed freight distribution to anywhere in the continental US at a much faster pace than trains.

Who is Freight Guru Company?

Freight Guru Company is the only call you need to make for your next shipping requirements. We are your transportation partner dedicated to solving logistics problems that challenge the everyday needs of your business. We offer reliable and friendly and knowledgeable service giving you the confidence and peace of mind that will complete your shipping needs on time and to your full satisfaction. If you are in need of pickups and/or deliveries via truckloads, anywhere in the nation, Freight Guru can answer your quest for all logistics solutions. Local and international truckloads are our specialty for now. In order to meet all of your needs, we have set goals to become an intermodal Freight Trucking company and eventually a global freight carrier.

Our experienced and professional leadership team and staff have the knowledge and capabilities to provide the highest level of transportation services to our customers as well as an exceptional work environment for our drivers.Building on our solid foundation and years of experience we have continued to enhance our competitive advantage through the formation of strategic business in the industry and reinventing our business practices through the implementation of advanced technologies and processes. We don’t strive to be the biggest Freight Trucking company around; we strive to be the best.

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