Comparison of Calling Cards – Getting the Facts on Calling Cards

Calling cards are truly valuable assets to carry around. Not only can you take full advantage of the enormous savings to be made when using a calling card, there are so many special features now available to make one card calling an indispensable office must-have.

Happy customers who use calling cards never revert to conventional pay phone habits and never use charge cards or credit cards again to make expensive national and international calls. Favorite numbers may be keyed in and from that point you can use convenient one button calls to connect to the office, friends and family.

Some opt for a collection of cards and use each one to contact certain groups. For instance, you may use a certain card to call your family when out of town on a business trip but you might prefer to use a separate card to call colleagues or the office, saving yourself the inconvenience of making detailed claims and separating expenses later. Mounds of paper dispensed with just one little purchase!

Some cards promote a web call back, allowing the user to make a call, request a call back and disconnect in time to receive the call back from the designated number – a great facility when calling updates into the office and calling in itineraries.

Most cards may be managed from your computer online, giving calling cards a distinct advantage over cell phone calling which is often disjointed and often the user must wait to receive a statement to ascertain whether economies have proved effective. Not so with calling cards as expenditure may be viewed online and adjusted according to requirement. Cell phone providers may often burden the user with unforeseen expenses but by using a calling card, you may at least be sure that you get what you pay for; sometimes considerably more than you paid for, if you consider the number of points and credits you can earn with careful use.

All things are possible with calling cards; even conference calling and the service can be budgeted in advance, smoothing headaches for corporate accountants and line managers whose unenviable task is to project forward costing for busy reps.

Closer to home, calling cards make it easy for the family to stay in touch in a variety of situations and provide a vital link when family members are traveling, away at school or just needing to ring home from the local mall. Calling cards are a safer option than carrying around expensive mobiles at college or at school and are less attractive targets for pick pockets.

Take a look at the options online or in local stores.

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