Company Holiday Cards

With modern technology, communication is faster and less personal. As the holidays approach, many individuals are disappointed to find the vacation cards in their inbox, instead of the mail box.

Meanwhile, businesses are attempting to secure customer loyalty and to bring in new business with expensive direct mail marketing strategies, and a majority of this effort is being tossed into the junk mail bin.

You can benefit from this scenario!

Company holiday cards are a direct mail marketing tactic that will not be tossed into the junk mail bin. Your mailing will be prioritized over the burdensome bills for once, and actually read, by all who receive it.

Company vacation cards contain a warm personal message, and even something as simple as “Happy Holidays” can be a very powerful message for customers. There is no better way to maintain presence in the mind of a customer than through a warm gesture during the holiday season. Company vocational cards are a small, friendly effort that will go a long way.

The Benefits of Company Holiday Cards for Direct Mail Marketing

During the holiday season, the most common emotion felt is holiday stress. With the financial burden of shopping demands and the growing awareness of broken resolutions, it can be difficult to find holiday cheer. Picture an individual checking their mailbox and pulling out 3 items.

The first is a light cardboard mailing from a local car dealership, picturing an image of Santa driving a Corvette that reads in bold letters “$ 3500 Cash Back on a New Sleigh.” (Trash…)

The second is an envelope from the electric company. (“To Do” pile…)

The third is a larger envelop with your name handwritten on the front. It is very clearly a holiday greeting card. What are the chances that you will throw this one away?

Right off the bat, the first benefit of company holiday cards is that your mailing will be acknowledged, read, and appreciated.

All it takes is a few moments of appreciation before the personal satisfaction with your company to have doubled, at a minimum.

In summary, company holiday cards do what other direct mail marketing strategies fail to do. Providing an incentive to come back and buy again is optional, and not necessary for an individual to come back and buy again. Company holiday cards are the most powerful, personal, and cost effective way to secure customer loyalty.
The Benefits of Company Holiday Cards and Work Productivity

With employees experiencing holiday stress and pressure, you might notice a decline in employee satisfaction and productivity. The holiday season is the most important time to reach out and let your workers know what a valuable asset they are in your company, and that their contributions are greatly appreciated.

Company holiday cards can be sent to employees with a personal message reminding each worker that he or she is appreciated. It is important not to send out generic company holiday cards to employees because they may be disappointed. Take the time to acknowledge something about each unique individual, because a little recognition will go a long way.

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