Commercial Real Estate Lives!

I have just completed an extended vacation that took me through 6 states. Along the way I took some time to survey the status of commercial real estate in both existing and property under construction.

I’m happy to report that contrary to what the “media” has to say, all is NOT doom and gloom. Even in Las Vegas, one of the most overbuilt markets in the country, I found construction activity on several projects. Many retail and office complexes seemed active and occupied, restaurants had patrons, and stores were ringing up sales, (oh … and the casinos were doing just fine).

On the other hand, I did see a great deal of inactivity on some large construction projects there and in other western states. Cranes idle, no workers on the job, and fences locked. For some commercial real estate investors, this is the end of the line for these projects.

However, these are also tomorrow’s opportunities for those positioned to take advantage of them.

You may not know that we have a very special loan program for construction projects in default, foreclosure, or bankruptcy. You can find information on it here: If you have a construction project in trouble, you will WANT to find out about this program.

I will soon conduct several webinars on the subject because the opportunity for you to turn your project around is simply staggering.

Also be on the lookout for some “premium” content in the near future here. We will be ramping up the commercial support in the next few weeks and adding both membership and coaching components to this site.

Members will get access to very special information provided by experts across the spectrum of commercial real estate. Coaching participants will get real support in their commercial real estate investment activities and is geared towards those who want to take their knowledge and practice to the next level.

Stay tuned and keep investing!

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