CMA ? an international high-profile education in Finance Management

Are you dreaming to head a Finance Empire in future? A traditional master degree in finance may not be adequate to help you reach your goal. The reason behind is top positions in FINANCE is generally restricted to Professional Accountants. Even an MBA (Finance) from a top B school is, often, not considered as an optimum qualification for this purpose.

To be a Professional Accountant, you neither, always, have to be a Public Accountant (Auditor) by struggling for 5-8 years including your article ship period nor you need to get disappointed by repeated failures in  examinations and eventually turning nowhere with a demoralized, half-accountant status as it happens to majority of the aspirants.

A faster yet challenging CMA (Certified Management Accountant) route provides you faster earning opportunity. By the time your friends pass the auditing exam, you would earn Rs 20-25 lacks and occupy 1-2 level positions above them.

Management Accountants are also Professional Accountants and learn the same body of knowledge the Public Accountants learn. Although the CMA exam is held by IMA, US, a student can take the preparation and appear for an online exam from any part of the globe.

The best features of CMA are

It is a compact examination consisting of only 2 papers.
The syllabus is focused to the needs of the modern world of finance.
There is facility to appear for the exam online from any metro city.
CMA has international brand value.
It is officially equivalent to ICWA (India) if the student appears for CMA from a country outside India.
Job opportunity of a CMA is huge.
CMA is a quite affordable exam.
Classroom Coaching or coaching in distant mode is available. (


Even Harvard, IIM, XLRI graduates do this robust, convenient, industry-relevant CMA (US) to extend their career choice in finance functions.


Why CMA is only a 2 papers exam?

The world is moving in faster pace nowadays and most of the students neither have the patience nor the time to face many shorter exams over number of years. Hence, all American exams including CMA have evolved, in a scientific manner, as compact exams encompassing all subject areas within fewer papers. It requires hard work over a shorter period to pass the exam. CMA is an internationally portable qualification – a passport to work in all countries, including US.


CMA can be extremely beneficial for

Current MBA students / MBA aspirantsCMA will be synergic with MBA as it will help them do very well in Financial Management, Cost & Management Accounting, Corporate Finance, Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, Financial Institutes and Markets, International Finance & Derivatives and Management papers of the MBA examination. However, students doing CMAs will not need to do an MBA (Finance) as it automatically covers most areas of MBA (Finance).


B Com / M Com studentsCMA will help you separate yourself from other lacks of MBAs. With a CMA, you can work in any area of Finance or Accounting in Managerial positions. CMAs drive performance in business – auditors just express opinions. Even an ordinary MBA (Fin), MFC, B Com, or M Com can have extraordinary career with the international CMA. CMA alone can get you all the material benefits life and job has to offer. The CMA option will save substantial money for the B Com/B Sc graduating students and they will start working early.


CA aspirants – Cost of doing a CA over an average 4.5 years period is Rs 23.54 lakhs including the opportunity cost of lost earning (as compared to a CMA) during CA studentship.


IT professionals – A good programmer with an additional CMA qualification will be a hot cake in the international job market. If you want, you may also move to the career line of a Finance Manager or MIS Manager where your IT background will be accepted as a plus.


Ambitious Science/Engineering graduates who have a knack in finance and dreaming to hold a prestigious position with a handsome salary as early as possible.


So, do not wait for your chance to come anymore. Go and grab your dream through the CMA way of success.

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The Author is an engineer and dealing with higher education opportunities for Indian and Asian students since last 10 years.

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