Choose MBA for High Salary Careers

The average starting salaries of top international business school graduates is no less than $ 100,000 dollars per year and the additional incentives. Though the average pay scale varies depending on the detailed job profile, it is business and financial analysts that are amongst the highest paid career options and management breaches considering the revival in the international economies around the globe. Business and financial analysts examine and evaluate various business opportunities, investment risks and provide effective, workable suggestions to the top management.

Worldwide businesses are facing complex and continually changing scenarios that increase the need to rely on management consultants to allow them stay competitive amidst the changing times. Management consultants also known as management analysts are responsible for analyzing and proposing the ways to improve an organization’s existing approaches and techniques to attain a competitive advantage.

They suggest modifications in organization’s structure, processes and approaches for efficiency, which is ultimately reflected in bottom line margins. Both, public and private sector firms rely on Consulting MBAs for a variety of reasons. At times, they lack internal resources required to supervise a project, while at other times, they need Consulting MBAs expertise to chart out what resources shall be required and what problems can be faced if they pursue a certain approach or opportunity.

Consulting analysts are capable of handling company’s highly confidential and crucial data such as annual revenues, financial structure & sourcing, employment details, expenditures, operational processes, firm’s assets, financial liabilities etc. They closely analyze industry trends, competitor’s records and trade information and develop recommendations based on the nature of the organization, the relationship it has with others in the industry, international organizations, the governmental bodies, and the internal culture. Insight into any arbitrary problem is achieved by building and solving proven mathematical models, such as one that shows inventory level affect costs and product delivery times.

In addition to this, the responsibilities of seasoned and senior consultants also involve identifying issues and forming hypothesis and ensuring that the client receives the assistance needed to implement the recommendation or suggestions provided.

The high riding businesses of client companies are based on the strategies laid by the consulting MBAs. Since these high value creators address the most critical challenges to transform a business’ bottom line, no wonder they are one of the highest paid careers of the world followed by medicine and medical research.

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