Can I Get My Ex Back If

“Can I get my ex back if . . . ?”  

Whether the break up is very recent or it happened a long time ago, you probably ask yourself that question a lot.  Sometimes you have to recognize that it’s simply time to move on.  But if you’re determined get your ex back, there are some things you can do.  

Can I get my ex back if I play hard to get?

And there are some things you should probably not do, like pretend you really don’t want your ex. Playing hard to get is a popular ploy, but very often it only discourages the person who wants you from trying to get you.  If you play hard to get with your ex, it might just be easier for them to let you go and move on to someone who’s easier to catch!

Let your ex know that you’re available and ready to fix the relationship.  Let your ex know that you’re willing to do what it takes to make it work this time.  That approach will probably give you a better chance of getting back together than playing hard to get and playing games.

Can I get my ex back if I try to pressure him or her?  

Trying to get someone to do something they don’t want to is a sure way to upset them.  Whether you’re trying to get someone to do a chore or to remember to pick something up after work, too much reminding can become nagging.

Pressuring your ex to take you back will quickly sound like nagging, too.  Your ex might decide that since you do little but complain and nag about the break up, it’s easier not to be around you.  So you might drive your ex farther away by trying too hard to fix things.

Try the opposite approach.  

Stop asking your ex to come back.  Once you’ve made it clear that you want to get back together, they know it.  Let it go and focus on being a good friend to your ex, with no expectations.

This might be difficult, especially at first, but if your ex sees that you’re really a pleasant person to be around and not a nag, they’ll want to spend more time around you.  And that could lead to you making up and getting back together. At least, you have a better chance at it than if your ex dreads seeing you and hearing you harp on them about coming back.

Can I get my ex back if I make them jealous?  

You know your ex best.  If jealousy worked in the past, it might again.  But it might make them so jealous they become angry and decide that since you’ve moved on, so will they.

Can I get my ex back if they’re dating someone else?  

It’s possible, but it’s the most difficult situation.  Concentrate on being fun and enjoyable to be around, and give them a chance to miss your good qualities.  Then see what happens.

Getting your Ex Back and making up is quite easy when YOU know how!  We have helped over 95,000 people in over 67 countries re-unite with their loved one after a break up. If your relationship has taken a turn for the worse, see how we CAN help you!  The Magic of Making Up