Business Energy Requirements Are Huge

Surveys performed using information provided by over seven hundred business people around the United Kingdom have found that energy prices are among their greatest worry. Whether it is our home or place of business, we require business energy in some form, and learning how to become more energy efficient benefits each and every one of us.

A Robin Hood Tax may be one answer

A recent proposal involves charging a Robin Hood Tax upon all transactions that occur between financial institutions. A coalition of charities, aid agencies, and unions has come up with this proposal in the hopes of making homes much more energy efficient and educating people in regards to how best to conserve energy. If this tax is put into effect it will potentially raise some 250 billion every year to go towards fighting poverty, helping tackle the climate changes that occur, and protect public services. Charities in support of the Robin Hood Tax point out that fighting childhood poverty, reforms of the welfare system itself, and the investment into affordable housing along with finding ways to make homes more energy efficient are the areas most vital to reform.

Business energy use must be cut back

Energy used for business purposes, whether large or smaller, is a concern of the Energy Technologies Institute and they invest time as well as effort into energy research and development. Since 2008 they have made efforts to speed the development of reliable, secure, and cost efficient sources for low carbon energy technology. With the aim of reducing carbon emissions in the UK, the institute is working on the development of many alternative sources of energy.

The Energy Technologies Institute has planned objectives

There are five objectives set by the institute including:

Increase levels of research as well as development funding designed to meet UK energys policy goals.

Provide strategic focus aimed at commercially related energy research and development.

Deliver development and research to assist in the rapid commercial use of low carbon, cost effective energy technology.

Connect as well as manage networks including the best in engineers and scientists to focus on and deliver research along with development of projects for commercial deployment of proposed projects.

Building of research and development capacities within the UK aimed toward our energy policy goals.

The institute plans on focusing their research on a mixture of various forms of energy technology. One focus point is on clean coal along with carbon capturing. This may well include some form of large scale supplies of energy. Also smaller energy forms like micro generation and distributed generation supplies.

In search of sustainable sources of energy

Considered to be a priority area is transport fuels which are sustainable, end use efficiency as well as demand management and control. This can be done with use of a mixture of technologies in order to increase the security of our business energy supply.

Commercial business has been helpful in regards to seeking out alternative methods of conserving energy as well as the actual slacking off of overall energy usage. Its up to us all to strive towards solving the energy crisis.

To find more information on business energy visit the Energy Choices website.

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