Business Cards Are Worthwhile Investments

If you are in business, one of the most common demands you would hear is “Can I have your card?” Whether you are a professional or entrepreneur, people would often as for your card in exchange for theirs. But why it is a lot of business owners do not have their business card printing these days?

When you attend networking events and start going around meeting people and exchanging cards, the first thing you would often hear is they do not have their cards with them. Perhaps they are using digital cards already. But you cannot expect everyone to have their own smart phone to exchange business cards. You have to remember that having no business card is a big mistake in business. If you want people to remember you, you have to have a card to hand out.

One of the most effective ways to ensure that people remember you is to create a stunning and attractive card. Create a design that can turn heads on the street. Use colors that are vibrant but be sure not to overdo it. Remember that as much as you want your cards to look attractive, they still have to communicate your contact details effectively.

When receiving cards, it is best to take a careful look at it. Ask questions if necessary and after your conversation you can jot down notes to help you remember the person. When doing follow ups, the information you jotted down can surely help you talk with your prospect.

It is important that your cards contain your complete contact details such as your name, business name, contact number, e-mail and street addresses and web site. Make sure to use readable fonts in this information. Although fancy fonts would surely make your cards look attractive, they will not help make your info readable. People would only throw away cards that are hard to understand, so jus stick with simple fonts.

Also, pick sturdy paper stock to print your cards. This will ensure that your cards stay neat and clean even when placed in wallets or pockets. There are plenty of choices in paper stock these days. If you do not know how to choose, ask your printer for advice.

Be sure to proofread your cards before printing them. Errors in your cards would make you look unprofessional, so review over and over again. It is best if you can ask other people to take a look at your card to pick out errors that you missed. Here is a tip in proofreading: start reviewing your cards from the bottom up. This will compel you to look at each word carefully instead of just skimming though the details.

With regards to the printer, ask for business card samples before hiring them. This is to check if the quality of their print job suits your standard. Compare prices as well to guarantee that you are getting the most affordable printing service out there.

Keep a good supply of your cards in your wallet, card holder or briefcase. You never know when you will meet prospective customers. It pays to be ready, so never leave home or office without them.

Keep in mind that your cards are one of the most productive marketing tools you will ever use. treat them as worthwhile investment that will help you get the best return in the long run.

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Lynne Saarte is a writer that hails from Texas. She has been in the Internet business for some years now, specializing in Internet marketing and online strategies.

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