Business card printing tips

If you are somewhat inexperienced when it comes to the print world, you might notice that your printed business card looks different from what you saw on the computer screen. If you are smart, you only got a proof of the print and did not order the entire batch. That way, you can send it in for another round of proofing. Otherwise, you are stuck with the gauche design.

So, here are some beginner’s tips for business card printing.

Use standard size business cards unless you have a very good reason to deviate. You might want to stand out but people are habituated to certain standard sizes and do not take easily to the idea of changing their perceptions.

When it comes to business card printing, different companies offer different services. Some companies offer design templates for business cards while others print customized cards only. Before you make use of readymade templates for business cards, it is important to check out the quality of the templates offered by the company. Cutting costs by making use of readymade templates is a clever thing to do in these hard times. However, you must not cut costs by compromising on the quality of the card.

If you want to stand out, you could try and change the shape of the card by cutting the edges and so on. You could also go in for excellent effects like lamination, UV coating, embossing and so on. These effects may be used to highlight different parts of your business cards.

If you are making use of an online design tool, take your time with the tools provided. Become familiar with the tools and templates provided. It is true that you can use these tools to create a business card in less than a few minutes. But, the time and effort you put into designing your card reflects in the end product.

Business card printing must be done by experts in the field so that you are assured of excellent quality. After all, your business card represents your business and you cannot afford to let your professional image slip.

Before you order your business cards from a particular printing company, it is important to collect a few sample cards so that you have an idea of the quality of printing. Once you are satisfied with the quality of printing, you can order a proof of your own card. Once again, it is important to check the quality and design of your business card before you confirm your order. In this way, you can order and buy high quality business cards.

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