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Work pressures and hectic schedules keep us busy most of the time. Even weekends fly by and you hardly get any time to do anything constructive. Keeping fit becomes a major question mark for most of us. Running around can only keep us busy but not fit. Many a times we would think of going to the gym for a workout for body fitness but seldom do we think about fitness of your mind. It is equally as important as body fitness. Exercises can only keep your body fit but in this fast track life, you need something extra to reduce mental stress.


Puzzles and brain teasers are all small tools that gives a workout to your brain. These are great when you want to sit back and relax but at the same time be occupied. These also help reduce mental stress as it diverts your mind and helps focussing on these good time-pass games. To be successful in today’s life, you need to have a sharp and fit brain. If your brain does not get enough workouts, it does not think beyond a certain point and that is when you call someone dull. Brain teasers, a very appropriate name given to these small toys or games that not only enhances your brain IQ but also are good tools to improve your child’s overall mental development.


There are different tools of brain teasers available these days like mental mathematics or other smaller widgets that help you polish your brain related skills. So now the question is where do you get hold of these brain teasers? These are actually easily available nowadays in many retail toy stores. The best place however to buy these is internet through various online shopping portals. You can easily choose what you want and order them and they would soon be delivered right at your doorstep.


You can order from a wide variety of puzzles and toys available nowadays in the brain teasers section. One of my favourites is those wooden semi fixed toys which are difficult to open in itself. These are usually in the form of cubes or boxes or some funny shapes and you would need to open them somehow. It sound rather simple but is a real riddle. The fun part is that your part is to sit and open these toys from one certain place hidden in the toy and you do not know how. These are all new generation brain teasers.


The earlier forms of brain teasers were Rubik’s cube but till date it is a famous toy to be played at leisure. The best thing about these small toys is that these can be played by one and all. There is also a wide assortment of puzzles available these days and also different kinds of questionnaires that you would love to answer. These are not for improving your general knowledge but just helps improve your IQ. It is like getting used to out of box thinking rather than being used to thinking the same way every time. 

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There’s a lot of conflicting research out there about brain training games. It seems like they’re helpful, but are they actually working to improve our intelligence? Anthony wades through the research to determine the actual value of brain games.

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