Best Pick up Lines

There are all kinds of pick up lines.  Funny lines, dirty lines, sweet lines.  But, no matter what kind you use, even the best pick up lines are only words.  They help you approach women, but they don’t help you to develop real attraction.  

There’s a real art to pick up lines, and I’ve got some of the best right here in this article.  But I want you to know what to do AFTER the pick up line.  That’s where you get to the emotions and interests of women and where the real attraction occurs.

You need be confident.  Confidence is one of the alpha male traits that women look for in men.  Confidence helps her to feel trust.  When you act nervous and fidgety it displays a lack of faith in your own abilities.   

Having the ability to keep a conversation going and keep it interesting is very attractive for women.  The best pick up lines in the world won’t keep a conversation alive.  However, knowing how to find what’s interesting to her, being natural and relaxed, and keeping her engaged are crucial for getting and keeping her attracted.

Flirting is essential to attracting.  Flirting heightens the sexual tension and arouses her.  It teases her emotions and her increases her sensuality.  The best pick up lines will help you flirt with a woman quickly and smoothly.

Step it up.  Moving the conversation from the best pick up lines into flirting and talking, into touching and kissing is the essential.  You’ve got to move her from just talking into more a more intimate state.  

Ok, here are some of the best pick up lines out there.  

In the grocery store produce section say, “Wow that looks really healthy!  What’re you planning to cook?  Have any ideas you can share?”

When you’re at a club or bar say, “I thought I’d be more social, come over and say hi.  My name is (your name).  What’s your name?”

At the library, on the train, or wherever you see a woman reading a book, say, “Is that an interesting book?”

Use these to get you started, then relax, have some fun, and enjoy yourself.  Cheers!

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