Best Boston Restaurants for College Students

With over 55 colleges and universities in Boston alone, it may be difficult for college kids to choose where to eat. Thankfully for them, some of the Best Boston Restaurants cater to college students. As Boston is a huge college town, there is no surprise that it is riddled with pizzerias, sub and sandwich shops, late night eateries and a convenience store on every corner. With so many options, how do college students choose?

Many students buy on a budget. Campus pizzerias help students to keep their budgets under control by offering day of the week deals. For example, Monday’s are wing day with chicken wings served for only a fraction of a dollar. These enticing deals help to bring in customers and fully feed broke students. The restaurants often allow students to add a drink to their deal. And by drink, I do not mean a tasty alcoholic libation; I mean a diet coke with extra ice. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers in these situations.

The Best Boston Restaurants for college students also include sub shops. Similar to the pizzerias of Boston, they usually offer package deals. Personally, I vote sub shops over pizzerias because of the variety in sandwich options. I am also a fan of the doggy bag option that comes with a large sub. I hardly finish half a large sub, so the other half becomes dinner very easily. So for the cost of a large sub in Boston, I have just purchased lunch and dinner for one day. I am a fan of the whole “killing two birds with one stone” technique and try to practice this whenever possible.

The late night eatery is a staple in any college town, so there should be no surprise that there is one on every other corner on Huntington Ave. These establishments specialize in anything from sandwiches to gyros and salads. Most late night hot spots open after the bars have been serving drinks for hours. The late night eatery becomes crowded around last call at the bars. It’s the first time all night that happy college students realize they’re dying of hunger…probably because lunch was three 25-cent wings or half a sub at 9 a.m. Either way, the students usually come pouring in at the same time every night. Many students go right for the ready-made pizza or the buffalo chicken anything.

Many times I will strategically plan my late night meal choice. Knowing, sometimes, that this meal might be my last until the next afternoon I choose with nutrition and taste in mind. I always try to choose some food item that has vegetables, dairy and carbs. Many would say that pizza covers this, however, I disagree. I will look into sandwiches and subs first. I feel like for a standard price, you can add and substitute many vegetables in sandwiches or subs. This is good for college students because eating the same thing over and over again can happen quite easily for the inexperienced eater. We will continue our discussion of the Best Boston Restaurants for college students in the next installment in this ongoing series.

Paul Marino has been writing about the restaurant industry for over 20 years. He recommends FiRE and iCE as one of the Best Boston Restaurants for a unique and memorable dining experience. Living in Beantown has its advantages! Watch as Wheelock College students tell you about the dining hall, access to the city, and the many clubs and activities to keep you fired up.

Best of all, Boston is the Hub of the Universe and is one of the country’s most “walkable” cities and has a robust public transit system. All that Boston has to offer is literally just steps away. When you’re a Wheelock student, you’ll be part of the vitality and creativity of this dynamic city.

You won’t run out of things to do in Boston. From music and nightlife to sports and recreation, your options are virtually limitless. Because Boston is a college town, many restaurants, stores, and entertainment locations offer discounts for college students.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Watch the Red Sox at Fenway Park
Find the best pizza in the North End
See harbor seals play at the aquarium
Cheer on runners at the Boston Marathon
Experience an avant-garde art scene
Find out what makes Boston laugh
Learn how to salsa dance
Discover something new at the Museum of Science
Check out an independent film
Attend a reading in Harvard Square, €”the nation’s most opinionated ZIP code
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