Bangkok Airways and Continental Airlines- Take Anyone

With today’s competition in every field, customer is treated as a king. If he has decided on something not good enough, it is trashed and vice-versa. In case of Air traveling thing is applicable to the highest extent and it has tried to cope up with the level of expectations of travelers by providing more frill benefits along with the travel in itself. Here we are discussing on what could buying Continental Airlines tickets provide a passenger that might not be as similar as getting a Bangkok Airways booking and vice-versa. Both the Airlines have differences that might or might not suit all the needs of an air travel.

Bangkok Airways is a much smaller Airline if compared to Continental Airlines with limited facilities and services to offer that included the number of destination it has its flights to. Its existence is as also not as old as Continental Airline but for those destinations and the size of fleet it owns, it performs nicely meeting all the needs and requirements of the passengers. With the fleet of 18 aircrafts it cannot give a competition to 346 aircrafts of Continental Airlines for the route and destinations it chose to fly that suites perfectly well. Also the major point in the working of both of the airlines is that Bangkok Airways booking is basically for regional flights with few international destinations while Continental Airlines Tickets could take you to many international destinations that are not covered by Bangkok Airways.

Bangkok Airlines serves from Suvarnabhumi Airport as its hub. As of now it flies to only 15 destinations with 18 aircrafts but it intends to buy more aircrafts to expand its route map and services to many more destinations of the world. It has its codeshare agreement with some of the world’s best airlines that include Thai International, Etihad Airways, Air France and few others. Also it makes sure that flying with Bangkok Airways booking will never leave you disappointed. As far as Continental Airlines is considered it has already proved what it is capable of with it fleets, services, frequent flyer program called OnePass and many more things. Having Continental Airline tickets could never leave one with a sour experience.

Deciding upon a air carrier depends on many factors that include money, time, ease of availability, in-flight services, meals onboard and many more. Taking either of a Bangkok Airways booking or Continental Airline tickets is sure to meet your air travel expectations once you know which way to go!

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