Bad Stocks, Good Delinquents

Stock trading is a popular and aged portfolio investment. Blue chip stocks are the most profitable because big companies sell the shares. Stock revenues are dependent on the market performance of the companies, where investors buy their shares through stockbrokers. If you buy shares from Coca-Cola, your stock revenues are certainly high because the company has always been the leading soda drink producer. When you had invested in Enron, you probably had lost your wealth because the company crashed out from the stock trading after a financial controversy.

Investors, stockbrokers and market analysts regularly watched these investment returns and risks because market performance is just too volatile. A single-day market change would either largely increase or decrease stock revenue margins. A mere dollar increase in oil would trim revenues to hundred. Worst market speculations alone would fright and most probably crash the some in the stock market. As investor, you spend more and pay stockbrokers and market analysts to forecast and analyze the market performance to mitigate revenue losses.

Stock trading is rewarding, but requires volume of money to earn much. It is rewarding when you buy shares from stable and big companies, which often are expensive. Even if you buy shares from these companies, you still do not earn much if you only buy few expensive shares. Stock trading just requires more shares to earn more. Stocks are risky especially when they are not big companies. Moreover, they are risky because the market performance is just too uncertain. Though market analysts and stockbrokers are at work, market is just too volatile to predict.

Tax delinquent property investment is opposite. It is low risk; you do not need much money to start with; you do not need market analysis; no need for financing; there is less competition; less market speculations; profits are easy; and the best thing is you still earn some profit even at worst-case scenario.

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