Back home

For nearly a cheap oakley sunglasses year did not go home, go home to me seem distant and no fun. Where in addition to brother, sister and sister-in-law, the remaining is the parents alone. Home lets a person feel sore and helpless. What

In a fun, a well-meaning friends occasionally sends a song full of motherly love song — often go home have a look, the beautiful and full of affection of the note struck before my heartstrings, I revel in the thick of the music emotion, feel the joy of love. Imperceptibly music ended, a desperate to go home heart straight out, I put the work in hand, go home. What

Before I set foot on the way home and rugged, familiar faces, a warm words, let my confused heart full of warmth, home to the people that simple and honest all let a person fear. Looking ahead, of greet is: a string of golden corn; clusters are various trees wrapped discount oakley sunglasses cottages, occasionally delicate smoke continuously; behind the clear water turbulence endlessly, groups of small fish happily, this scene is a beautiful hometown landscape painting, my mood gradually open up. What

The home was getting closer, as an arrow, really want to hurry into the home. Turned a spur, I saw the house, my mood suddenly became heavy, and the lonely grave in my eyes, I stopped the footsteps came into the house, staring at the overgrown with weeds, grave, my eyes moist. I vaguely see parents stumble-looking, the expression of pain and shed tears face, my heart like a knife as bad, really do not know what to do. When my brother called my name, I had answered a God to come, to enter the house. At home, I and elder brother sister-in-law we chatted for a while, how to also do not sit, a man sneaking out of the house, came close to home and grave. Grave is covered with withered grass, forlorn, my heart brew storms on rivers and seas like pain, I do not know when, tears blurred my sight. I seem to hear the mother in pain groan sound, hear her deathbed oakley sunglasses cheap bade


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