Aware Bear Computers Pittsford NY Andre Leite Alves Rochester NY Electro Static Discharge

 Aware Bear Computers Pittsford NY Andre Leite Alves Rochester NY Electro Static Discharge

The snow is starting to melt around Rochester NY and finally the warm temperatures are starting to come around again. The 2010-11 winter was pretty harsh and I really don’t miss the snow, ice and the cold wind. Aware Bear Computers on 5 Monroe Avenue 14534 recommends everyone to have their PCs or Macs checked at least once a year and why not do it around Spring time when the weather is nice?  We have not changed our $ 19 diagnosis fee and the $ 69 in store virus removal flat fee says founder and owner Andre Leite Alves from Rochester NY.

With the spring comes warm temperatures, rain and a lot of lighting that causes ESD (Electro Static Discharge). If you do not own a surge protector, we at AwareBear strongly recommend you buying one and having your desktop, monitor, printer, laptop, Apple or Mac computer connected to it. Every year around April to August we get a ton of people coming over with damaged computers due to ESD. “Some people are lucky and all they need is a power supply replacement and others need a new computer.” Andre Leite Alves. It’s a risky gamble not protecting you against ESD.

A good surge protector costs around $ 69 to $ 100, a very small investment for what they can prevent. Just imagine if your residence gets hit by lighting and all of the sudden your computer gets fried. Along with the computer all your personal photos (baby pictures, vacations, weddings and other priceless memories.), iTunes (not refundable by the way) if you lose iTunes Apple will not provide you with replacement songs, your manufactures warranty will not cover any computer or electronic device that is fried due to an ESD. You will need to spend the extra money buying a new computer, setting it up, installing new software, taking the trial software out and the worse… not having any of your old files, pictures, music around. If you have an external hard drive plugged in on an USB port from a computer that was damaged your backup could also be compromised.

At Aware Bear Computers Pittsford NY we recommend APC surge protectors We have been working with APC for many years and they offer a reliable product at an affordable price and their support is great. APC really stands behind their product. APC also has a complete line of surge protectors for TVs and Home Theater systems. Aware Bear Computers run on APC power surge protectors.

You can choose the basic ones that offer ESD protection or upgrade to the ones with a built in battery. This built in battery will allow you to shut down your machine in case of a power surge or power loss. It is a very nice feature since it allows you to close down and save any documents or work you would be currently working on it. Depending on the power supply size you will get 15-45 minutes of extra power using the APCs built in battery.

Aware Bear Computers is located on 5 Monroe Avenue in Pittsford NY, our staff is ready to answer any questions you may have, go over any products you may be interested in (laptops, printers, surge protectors, LCD monitors, wireless printing, wireless networking, virus removal, spyware removal and home theater installations). Our friendly technicians are here to help you with today’s very complex technology.

Our office hours are Monday- Friday 10am to 6pm, Saturdays 11am to 3pm. We are closed on Sundays and major holidays. The door is always open at 5 Monroe Ave 14534 (585)473-7035.