Article Marketing Makes the Internet Doable For the Average Person

Of course I realize that is a fairly large claim to make, so now it is time to back it up. The average person coming onto the internet does not have a massive background in marketing or business. Many of my students come to the internet with a dream, an idea, some expertise in a certain area, and not much more.

The biggest challenge

The biggest challenge for most brand new internet marketers is “where do I start?” Not knowing where to start leads many beginners to spend way too much money on the latest and greatest product that is going to make you millions of dollars this week. Most of these products a only a piece of the puzzle. Very few of them offer a complete end-to-end solution like article marketing does.

A complete end-to-end solution

Here is how you get started and create a complete end-to-end system:

1. Create some content – Creating content is a big challenge for most online marketers. Not so when you write articles on a regular basis. Your articles can be used in parts or in whole for content on your website.

2. Get visitors & viewers to your website – On the internet we call this traffic. In the resource box of your article you can direct traffic anywhere you want it to go. Just invite the reader to your website or blog for more good information from you.

3. Build a list – Because a prospect is coming to your website from your article, they are already highly qualified prospects. They have spent 3 – 5 minutes reading your article and have raised their hand to say “I want more information and I want it from you.”

4. Market your message – With your articles you can market to those who have never heard of you by submitting your articles to the article directories and getting in front of literally millions of readers you would not have otherwise reached. You can also invite back those already on your list by repurposing your articles on your blog and inviting your list to visit and read.

5. Create info products – Another great way to repurpose your articles is to turn them into information products. A 7 tips article can be a great ecourse or ebook.

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RemarkaMobile - How I Made K + A Monthly Residual Income in 2 Months As a RemarkaMobile Affiliate

RemarkaMobile Affiliate –

Has Andrew Cass created the affiliate income opportunity of the decade with RemarkaMoible?

Here’s why I believe he has and why I believe RemarkaMobile to be the fastest way to residual income and big profits you will find online. What I’m explaining here is a way for you to finally stack the deck in your favor and basically gain an unfair advantage over your competition.

Let me explain…

I was able to generate ,046 in just 2 months, from just 49 customers as a RemarkaMobile affiliate. Talk about an income breakthrough right?

Watch the video to see how the numbers panned out….. See exactly how 49 customers turned into over K plus a healthy monthly residual income. And read this article to learn about why I believe this to be such a lucrative opportunity.

#1 Capitalizing on an emerging trend

Simply put, mobile is freckin’ hot right now. Spending on mobile commerce is expected to double every year for the next 5 years. As profit conscious marketers and entrepreneurs this is something we have to either pay close attention to, or risk getting left behind. I believe the mobile marketing trend to be where the “make money online” trend was back between 2005-2008. Mobile is a trend that is just starting to really heat up and the bulk of the money here will be made in the next 2-5 years. Which is when the masses will finally catch on. Just like over the past couple of years the masses have moved into the “make money online” world, making it way more competitive and therefor much harder for the average person to get results.

#2 Dual Income Model = Customer and Team Retention = Bullet Proof Income Stability

As a remarkamobile affiliate you can sell the remarkamibile business opportunity to affiliate marketers, network marketers or anyone else who wants make money from home and cash in on the mobile revolution. In this way the RemarkaMobile system is similar to other “make money online” type of opportunities. One thing that really makes the RemarkaMobile system stand out is that you can also sell the RemarkaMobile product line to brick and mortar businesses or anyone else who wants to build their mobile lists. These people want to utilize mobile to better reach their prospects and customers, but they may not be interested in a money making opportunity.

The “Make money from home” crowd is a fickle bunch. Because of the common “lottery ticket mentality,” many of them will quit their businesses as soon as they realize that they bought a real business that requires real work. Low barrier of entry means low commitment levels from most, which makes the majority very susceptible to get distracted by other systems and empty promises of “easy money” and “get rich quick.”

RemarkaMobile does make it easier to retain affiliates simply because the system converts well and it is easy for affiliates to get a signup or two and cover their monthly costs. But the real way to create a very stable long term business income with the RemarkaMobile system is to sell the products to brick and mortar businesses. Small businesses often have bigger marketing budgets and are often WAY more committed than the average affiliate marketer. They understand that they have to invest money into marketing to grown their businesses and more and more of them are realizing they need mobile marketing solutions every single day. The RemarkaMobile product line include done for you mobile ready websites, sms text marketing packages and professional social media management. All things small businesses desperately need more and more every day. When they are paying for services that allow them to better reach customers and prospects they keep paying and that spells income stability for any RemarkaMobile affiliate.

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