Are Plastic Business Cards Right for You?

For small and startup businesses, creating effective marketing materials should be on top of their priorities. Why? Because these materials will make their business visible to their target market. It’s crucial to create targeted promotional messages that helps effectively reach out to their potential customers.

It’s easy to get anxious with the marketing. To many business owners, marketing means expensive and elaborate campaigns. But that is not always the case. Marketing is actually about the initial strategy to get a business noticed by creating affordable marketing materials, and not through an expensive 60 second TV ad.

Among the inexpensive and indispensable marketing materials every business should start with are the business cards. These humble cards are the weapon of choice of many small and startup businesses because of its reasonable cost. They are also very flexible as you can include anything you want in their design to convince your target customers of the prestige of your products or services.

However, with every business using business cards today, it makes it very important to create a card that is unique in order to stand out. Competition, after all, is extremely stiff these days. If you don’t want to get swallowed by the big businesses, you need to ensure that your cards can draw attention in the market. How do you do this? There’s a good answer to that: the plastic business cards. With the printing technology available today, it’s easy to use plastic cards as an alternative to the standard paper business cards. Although plastic cards are more expensive than paper cards, they can offer your business several benefits. Here are some of them:

Durability. Plastic business cards are basically superior and more durable than paper cards. Unlike paper that gets torn and breaks down easily, plastic is less prone to fading or water damage. Businesses that operate outside take advantage of the durability plastic cards offer. For instance, gardeners or construction workers who do the ‘dirty’ job can use plastic cards for added durability.
Long lasting use. Businesses who need their target customers to keep their card for a long period of time can achieve that through plastic cards.
Uniqueness. In a market where all businesses are striving to stand out, plastic cards can help you distinguish your business from the crowd. The card can give you a unique look and feel that can help make your more unforgettable in the eyes of target customers.
Achieve better color. Plastic holds on to color more effectively. When printing full color plastic business card templates, you get to achieve vibrant and vivid looking cards. This will make it easier for you to look unique and more noticeable in the market.
Flexibility. Because plastic cards are durable, it makes them more flexible. You can use the card in any way you want. For instance, you can use it as a loyalty card or discount card. This in turn will encourage your prospects to keep your business card for a long time.

If you have extra budget, it’s best to try using a plastic business card to make it much easier for you to distance your business from the competition. Just be sure to include every important detail in your card and make it project your image as effectively as possible.

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