Application Procedure for Studying in UK

Universities in U.K. are one of the best universities in the world and very popular amongst students since past several decades. Every year number of students all over the world have a desire to come to UK for there higher education. Number of students every year gets disappointed because of lack of knowledge of admission procedure that cause some serious hindrance in there admissions. Students must prepare themselves well in advance before applying in UK universities.

Application Procedure of different colleges in UK varies from each other and therefore it is highly recommended that students must maintain a list of at least 10 colleges in UK where they want to apply. Students can make the list on the basis of ranking, there score in examination like GRE, GMAT and etc or on the basis of there financial assets and other factors. Once you maintain the list of colleges then you can target the colleges where you want to apply and going through the websites of the colleges you make out what are the other necessary requirements.

• Application Submission Deadlines and intake Session

Students must keep application submission deadlines in mind and ensure that they must apply well before deadline.  There are two different intake sessions for studying in UK universities. Students must start there preparation at least one year before taking admission in universities in UK. There are two intake sessions one is in the month of September and October and other is in the month of January and February. Students must check the deadlines of particular intake session from university’s website and apply accordingly for every intake session.

• Common Application Submission Form
Applications for colleges in UK are made via common application form name as UCAS application form. UCAS provides service for submitting online applications for admission in various courses.  In the provided application form you will find the various courses offered by universities and you can select the courses for which you want to apply. This common application form saves a load of time that spent on applying in each university individually and saves the money spent on application fee.

• Personal Information
In this section of application form you are required to fill your personal information including your name, address, date of birth, nationality, residential status, contact address and details of disabilities or disease if any. Please make sure that you fill correct information here incase if you fill the incorrect information your application will be rejected.

• Selecting the options
Students can select the various courses as per there choices which are available in universities. The courses which are provided by the universities are mentioned along with there name students can make the choices of various subjects as per there requirements. Students must keep in mind that they have to make accommodation choice against each entry.

• Educational Qualification
In this sections students have to fill there current education details including all the previous education qualifications along with the name of the institutions and schools from where they have completed there education.  Keep in mind that you must mention your current education details as well like if you are pursuing any short term course that is not finished yet you must mention that course as well. Students are required to mention the score of there GRE, GMAT, TOFEL or any other examination they have appeared for.

• Personal Statement
This one of the major parts of procedure and must be completed carefully. This is the section where you can show what you have got in you. You have to make statement about yourself clearly reflecting the picture of your personality and why you want to study the particular course, what you can add to the college and why should they admit you. Students must fill this section carefully and in such a manner that it makes a sound impact of your personality over admission committee.

• Reference
In this section students are required to give a reference by teacher or by the reporting manager. The decision of you admission is also made by looking up to the reference statement made by your tutors or reporting managers about your abilities.

These are few parts of application procedure that a student must keep in mind and apply accordingly so that they can get admission in desired universities without any hassles.

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