Anybody Need a Trillion Dollars?

Clearly, yes! We could all do with the odd trillion every now and again, particularly now in these straitened times. But while I am an expert on the best way to hang an art exhibition, I don’t have a clue about fiscal policy, so I don’t really understand where these trillions are coming from.

If Global Financial Systems Inc is a metaphor for the planet (or GFS for short) and the present crisis is the equivalent of a company insolvency about to happen, the trillions that have suddenly been found to save the company must have been buried away in a company vault somewhere. If this was the case, then the company is actually a lot richer than we thought, in which case it can’t be insolvent, and therefore – no crisis!

So the crisis was just a mirage was it? And another thing, if all this money has been lying around anyway, why have the nations of the world in the past always pleaded poverty whenever it came to dealing with the really important issues like curing world hunger, housing the homeless, bribing all warring nations to set aside their arms and getting therapy for Piers Morgan? It doesn’t make sense does it?

It’s a bit like waking up one morning and finding out that the local council you thought was struggling to pay for enough grit to stop you skidding to your death in the snow actually has millions and millions of pounds tied up in a deposit account in Iceland. But of course that would never happen in the real world would it?

So, if we can magically conjure up trillions whenever we feel like it, why can’t we conjure up enough to give everyone in the world a hamburger whenever they felt peckish. Perhaps I should just be grateful that GFS Inc isn’t going to debtors’ goal after all; still, a part of me feels that what we have witnessed at the recent G20 summit is nothing more than sleight of hand.

Milton Johanides is a retired businessman, church elder, writer and artist. He has owned numerous art galleries and once ran an award willing picture framing business in Scotland. The views expressed in these articles are his own.