Anger Verses Forgiveness

Do you think it is hard to forgive? I believe forgiveness is extremely hard and sometimes my own demands out weigh my willingness to forgive. Honestly, I think at times I might even enjoy being anger. Yet, the truth remains anger is a lot easier than forgiveness. Forgiveness cost. Forgiveness cost us the right to demand justice even if justice is deserved.

Think about anger for a moment, what do you gain by becoming enraged and resentful? OK, what did you gain, maybe a little bit of heartburn, headache and that sort of thing but the truth is anger accomplishing little and anyone can become anger and stay that way.

Forgiveness on the other hand has a pay off. What do you receive when you make the choice to forgive? Well, first, you let go of a lot of strain and pressure and it actually has been proven healthy to forgive.

Again, it is not easy to let things go and the truth is you can’t just let it go you have to give it away. What give it away? Yes, you have to give it away. You have to give away what you have received.

For a second think of the things, you have done which required someone to forgive you. Unless you are deity, you have done something against someone else, which you needed to seek forgiveness for, right. OK, now give back the same forgiveness you needed when you failed.

Remember the ole bible verse, or the Lord’s Prayer that say forgive me the same way I forgive others. Or something like that. I am not good at remembering bible verses but because of my attendance at many AA meetings, I learned the Lord’s Prayer.

Now, with all that in mind which would you rather do, stay anger or forgive? Yeah, me to, I think forgiveness is far better than resentments and anger.

Dr Bob Wilkerson is author of the book, “I Will Not Be Defeated Anymore”. He is dedicated to helping others recover from life altering circumstances. If you like the first thoughts method of writing you will love Bob’s articles. It is Bob’s prayer that you find something in his articles to encourage you to make it through another day on planet earth. –

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