Airline start up

In order to start up an airline it is essential to enlist the assistance of aircraft leasing experts. Experts in aircraft leasing would use the in depth knowledge it has gained through years of experience in the field and its extensive client base to ensure that a start up airline achieves and maintains its fleet planning objectives.


Once a client has stipulated its requirements, such as the requirements of the business, the allocated budget and the time period from initiation to implementation, the leasing experts will then proceed to check on the availability of the type of aircraft needed and ensure the most competitive rates. It is a potential client’s responsibility to do proper background check on an aircraft leasing company and opt for one that has proved itself in the industry, with years of experience to back it. Specialists will have firsthand knowledge and experience and have good working relationships with leading airlines worldwide.


Depending on the duration of the requirement, a wet lease is drawn up guaranteeing the most effective contract that is beneficial to the client such as starting up with immediate liquidity and easy adaptability of the plan depending upon varying circumstances. Having an experienced team to back its operation ensures that clients are always given the best of services. It goes without saying, that starting up an airline is complicated and costly. There are many aspects in the process that need to be attended to and dealt with professionally if the airline is to run profitably. It is an ongoing process with many learning curves, requiring constant attention if the airline is to become a reality. Having the assistance of aircraft leasing experts will reduce the burden of the start up with proper guidance and resources, network of contacts and ability to collate the essential data and conduct in depth research and analyses.


In a business that is so completely dependent on heavy capital investment, each move that helps stretch that capital further to achieve more, is essential. Retaining the appropriate and best possible fleet of aircraft, with wet leases that are adaptable ensures that a new venture has the proper groundwork set to ensuring complete success of the business venture. Airline availability is not always easy to guarantee which can delay the entire start up process which is why aircraft leasing experts are essential.

For industry knowledge and contacts, obtaining the assistance of suitable aircraft leasing experts, such as Air Charter International is advisable. Enlist the assistance of professional aircraft leasing experts today.