Air-India Express ? a look at the popular low-cost airline

Air India Express is unarguably one of the most popular airlines in the country as of now this is because of the simple fact that the airline is among the cheapest options available today. It is a subsidiary of Air India, located in Mumbai, which is the financial hub of India. It offers its services catering chiefly to the area of Middle East and the Southeastern region of Asia.

The airline is currently being operated as a division of the National Aviation Company of India Limited. This company was created to combine both Indian Airlines and Air India.Air India Express was founded in May 2004 and it started its functions on 29 April of 2005. Its initial flight took off from Thiruvananthapuram and flew to Abu Dhabi. The primary aircraft for Air India Express took flight on 22 February 2005. On this date a fresh Boeing 737-86Q was rented from Boullioun Aviation Services. Currently, the airline is looking forward to expand in both the European and The American continents when it gets its hands on the new aircrafts.

This particular branch of Air India has been noticed to make immense earnings on the various major routes. After looking at the success of Air-India Express, a lot of other airlines such as Air Arabia and other major airways from the Middle East have entered into the market to claim their share of the pie. A lot of other and several s such as JetLite might make an entry soon.

In the month of February 2007, the Government of India accepted a plan to combine Air India with Indian Airlines. In 2007, India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation made an announcement that Air India Limited (AI), which is considered to be the country’s s national flag carrier and Indian Airlines Limited (IA), which is a domestic airline owned by the Indian government will be combined together with effect from July 15th, 2007.

The fresh company shaped and spawned by the combination of these two will serve on both the national as well as international routes. The services provided by the airline would meet the basic needs as well as the requirements of all the commuters as well as their comfort was not considered at all.

The fact is that Air India express is actually a really efficient option when it comes to low cost air travel in India.

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