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Islamic finance has emerged as a viable alternative the world over after the financial meltdown of the west. It is growing at the rate of more than 15%. Not only Muslim countries but modern, secular and industrialized countries like UK, France, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong have become a hub of Islamic finance and banking as well.  The rapid development and growth of such finance is considered a priority area by international banks of world stature.

Dubai is seen by many industry watchers as the leading center of Islamic finance today. It has more sukuk listed than anywhere else, with $ 16 billion worth, and international investors are flocking to the emirate’s latest sukuk issuances and initial public offerings, thus making Islamic Finance Dubai, a viable option.

Essentially, Islamic finance is finance under Islamic law (or Shari’ah) principles. The basic sources of Shari’ah are the Qur’an and the Sunna, which are followed by the consensus of the jurists and interpreters of Islamic law.

Islamic Finance Dubai, like other countries in the Middle East, practices banking in consonance with the main principles underlying Islamic finance.  These include the prohibition of taking or receiving interest; capital must have a social and ethical purpose beyond pure, unfettered return; investments in businesses dealing with alcohol, gambling, drugs or anything else that the Shari’ah considers unlawful are deemed undesirable and prohibited; a prohibition on transactions involving masir (speculation or gambling); and a prohibition on gharar, or uncertainty about the subject-matter and terms of contracts – this includes a prohibition on selling something that one does not own.

In addition, Islamic finance can be combined with conventional funding sources and export credit agency (ECA) support, for the closure of innovative transactions, in Dubai and other Middle Eastern countries. In the world of commercial banking, the more commonly encountered methods of Islamic financing include Murabaha (cost-plus financing),Mudaraba (profit-sharing),Musharaka (partner- ship financing), Ijara (leasing), Istisna’a (commissioned Manufacture)

Islamic loans are as plentiful as they are life and comfort-enhancing! The Shari’a compliant repayment plan termed the Al Khairi Liabilities Settlement, seeks to ease your financial burden and begin afresh by transferring your conventional bank liabilities to the loaning agency; you can avail Hajj and Umrah Finance on a no profit and no processing fees basis; an amazing no mortgage, zero down payment option gets you  an AED 200,000 Boat Loan to be repaid in 5 years, Tamweel Finance for wedding expenses and renting an apartment, Travel Finance for religious or enjoyable family vacations, Islamic loans also include exciting Car, Personal and extremely comprehensive Education, Home and Shares Finance, to loan you happiness permanently!

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