Advantages of Dedicated Servers


If you are running a business website on web and getting a good returns from it, but do you know is your website is safely hosted? If you have chosen a hosting platform such as shared or VPS hosting, it is not that your website is totally secured. It is because these servers are shared between the customers and the resources are shared between them.

So, if you are looking for total security and dedicated hardware resources for your website, you should hire a dedicated server for your website which is the entire solution for security, space and other things.

Now, we will look at some of the advantages of the dedicated server –

Excellent Performance

In this server, your hardware resources are not shared such as power supply, space, ram and bandwidth.

Better Consistency

You don’t need to worry about the downtime issues in dedicated server; the reason is there will be only one website hosted in the server you hire. So no other websites will be hosted expect yours.

High Security

This server is totally secured and no other person can access the server without your permission. So, your website is totally secured. You server is also monitored by hosting provider 24×7.

Software Installation

You can install the software which your website need; this features not allowed in shared or other platforms.

You get Dedicated IP address

In shared hosting, you get a shared IP address which can be risky for business. If one of the customers in shared server does some spam activity, the IP address gets blacklisted and your website too can be banned by search engines. But, in dedicated server you get your own IP which will be an additional beneficial for you to run your business hassle free.

Upgrade Configuration

In dedicated server you get more memory, space, bandwidth and you can still upgrade the resources if you are in need.

If you think that you are earning a good amount of money through website, you should hire a dedicated server and easily concentrate on your core business instead of monitoring a server.



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