5 Qualifications Assessors Are Looking For In A Tender Application

Winning a lucrative contract through responding to a tender can be very rewarding for any business.  However, tender writing is a complex and time-consuming task with tender assessors thoroughly screening applications.  In fact, some businesses opt to acquire the services of a tender writer to help them prepare a competitive tender proposal and increase their chances of passing panel assessment.  In this article, we provide insight into the qualifications assessors are looking for in a tender submission.  We also provide some tips on how you can meet their standards, pass each round of assessment and finally win the contract for your business.

1.  Value for money

Tender assessors are generally looking for proposals that give the most value in products and services delivered, typically at the lowest possible price.  If you are writing a tender response for your business, it will help to know what your competitors are quoting to ensure the pricing or budget you present will be competitive.  Before writing your tender application, it is also important to assess if your business has the capacity to deliver the value you offer at the price you have quoted.

2.  A professional business

Your business must be a professionally run organisation with a proven track record of delivering quality products and services on time and within budget.  Tender assessors are also looking for businesses that have worked on previous tenders and have delivered excellent results.  To highlight the past performance of your business, include letters of support and recommendation from happy customers in your tender response.  

You may also include details about the vision and goals of your business, to show that yours match those of a professional organisation.  You must also be able to give assessors the confidence that your business has correct policies, procedures, insurance and QA systems in place to ensure the quality of your products and services.  Finally, describe the benefits of working with your organisation and how your products and services meet the requirements of the tender.  

3.  Point of difference

When writing your tender response, make sure to highlight your point of difference.  What makes your business different from other organisations bidding for the same contract?  What can you provide above and beyond the tender requirements that your competition cannot provide?  If you can provide an additional product or service as an add-on to increase the value of what you are offering, mention this in your tender application to truly stand-out from your competitors.

4.  Innovation

Innovative approaches, products or services will help your tender stand out and catch the attention of tender assessors.  Discuss the features of your products and services that make them innovative.  Or prior to completing your tender, consider unique and novel approaches to meeting the tender requirements.

5.  Respond comprehensively to the tender requirements

Before starting your tender application, determine if the tender opportunity is a good match for your business.  Tenders are highly competitive, so the products and services must closely match the tender specifications.  Ensure that you are capable of delivering the requirements of the contract at the prices you offer.  If you are unsure where to find tenders that match your business, consult with a tender writer as they can help you locate and identify the most relevant tender opportunity for your organisation.

Tender submissions must also address defined selection criteria and comply with specific format and content requirements.  Read the application guidelines carefully and ensure that your submission is completed entirely with all information in the format as outlined in the guidelines.  Comply with all formatting, word and page limit requirements.

Some final words

Preparing and writing tenders can be a difficult task if you are unsure of how to write a quality tender response that will pass the scrutiny of tender assessors.  To prepare an outstanding tender proposal, you may employ the services of a professional tender writer.  A tender writer has the knowledge and experience in writing tenders that will pass each round of assessment.  A tender writer can also work with you to find and win the most relevant tender opportunity for your business. 

This article was written by Tom Jerrat for Red Tape Busters. Red Tape Busters is a tender writer and grant writer service that specialises in writing grants and tenders for businesses in Australia. They have the experience and know-how in grant writing and tenders. Visit www.redtapebusters.com.au for more information.