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January 18, 2010 “Momentum male border city, all over the spot drunk spring. Looking to the Dragon King Shan Jun, overlooking Lake Springs liquid ink through.” Carry the momentum of 2009 Kaigegaozou the majestic, 2010, the Delta-CIMIC Electrical and channel operators General Assembly today in the beautiful Lijiang held, the CIMIC operators and colleagues Electrical Channel, the parent company Delta Electrical Division, colleagues and representatives of the media industry more than 300 part together.

Delta Electronic Group vice chairman and chief executive of the sea, handsome, corporate vice president and general manager of the Ministry of Information Tsai Jung-teng, Electrical and general manager Zhang Xun Hai, general manager of the Delta-CIMIC Wang Qixin and general manager of Lvdan An Electrical Division of Delta and in other high-level opt up debut and delivered a speech in the Delta and up to the Electrical and Mechanical Division, the product manager and market manager and do the full special report to the Council. Moreover, the sea handsome said he was the first channel of the Delta-CIMIC Electrical Commercial General Assembly, fully demonstrates the Electrical Division of Delta and China attach great importance.

Electrical business contrarian flying, Delta has become one of the most important business

“While the performance of mechanical and electrical division of Delta is currently accounting for the overall performance of small, but Cooperation Dingli partners get the support of sustained and rapid growth, it has become the Delta one of the most important division. “Sea handsome for the electrical and mechanical services highly. He said that in 2009 in the context of economic crisis, Delta Electrical business has achieved double-digit growth in the outstanding performance, hard-won indeed. Especially the Chinese market may Cycle point, become the backbone of Delta Electrical business.

“So gratifying results, on the one hand up from the Delta and in the market to judge the accuracy and timely adjustment of strategies?? Actively exploring new markets and provide a complete industry solutions, and more importantly from the great contribution in the partnership, with the sweat of their water in the Delta and up the flower wonderful bloom Electrical. “Based on this solid foundation, the sea is handsome and fast growing business in the future with confidence Electrical and Mechanical, Electrical and Mechanical Division growth target for 2010 is more than 30%.

Continue practicing ” Environmental protection Energy Saving love for the earth “business mission

For Responding to scientific and technological progress to make life more comfortable and prosperous world, while they bring tremendous destruction and environmental pollution, Delta has been pondering how the process of developing technology to avoid harming the environment, it will eventually operate as a mission ” Energy Saving love for the Earth “, which also makes Delta the development of technologies, products and activities are closely related with this mission.

Handsome sea environmental protection, waste reduction, energy conservation, green technology, environmental protection and social responsibility, environmental protection and so many profound interpretation of the Delta continue to actively practice the “Energy Saving love the earth” business mission. And that the first 50 years of the 21st century humanity faces Energy Ten other issues, to solve these problems as opportunities for sustainable Delta where he expected Delta through partners a better understanding of customer needs, providing appropriate products and solutions, and take the initiative to build strong brands, with partners to create win-win situation.

Complete product line, providing customers with cost-effective total solution

Delta Electrical products into the market by the driver, after nearly five years of development, to extend the success of today to exercise class and control products. With the gradual improvement of all product lines, Delta has become a truly integrated solution provider.

Channel partners to visit Taiwan for the latest exhibits serious

Zhang Xun Hai describes our Electrical Division of Delta product roadmap: expanding the power range, the development of high-end products, industry solutions available to enhance high-speed Fieldbus Products and motion control products. He said that in the future as industrial upgrading, high-speed high-precision energy demand to rise gradually, so Delta is actively developing high-speed Communicate And system application technology, towards a higher level, more comprehensive system solutions for the territory of the road ahead.

In specific products, Delta has been done enough in last year’s effort servo, motion control market to seize the high ground of 2010, determined to win. Delta will launch mid this year PLC And high voltage inverter, which means that Delta will enter the PA market, the corresponding business model will also be extended to the project Sell . Zhang Xun Hai admit that this will be over Taiwan is a great challenge, but Delta also has the confidence of self!

With partners to grow and continue to create win-win

Delta and in up to years of sustained and rapid development is inseparable from channel operators to work together, so the conference for outstanding channel partners awarded the grand prize, while the main award assessment criteria?? Growth also demonstrates the Delta and in the long-term business development and channels up to the idea. Wang Qixin said that in the new century and the beginning of another decade, with its partners to develop plans, and through brand marketing, environmental protection system, supporting, continuing the introduction of energy-saving products and initiatives to improve customer service continued win-win situation. He also said that in the Delta and up will be available to all partners to a new platform of opportunity, and through various incentive policies adequately protect the best interests of business channels. In order to achieve these ambitious goals

, Delta, and in reach will greatly enhance the branding efforts, even in 2010 as “the first year of the brand”, and plans to increase brand value through diversified forms?? By continuous innovation to provide more added value to the customer.

Goal has been clear, clarion call has sounded, in 2009 a very difficult economic environment, and in the Delta reached with partners work together to overcome difficulties to succeed. I believe that with common efforts and forge ahead in 2010, more than 30% growth target will be realized. More importantly, partners will be created by the Chinese because of this global brand and proud!

“Wang Han Wei miles, Yuli mountain worship.” Lijiang, Yulong Snow Mountain is not the old legend, but in the Delta and up to the challenge of automated peak, and partners more brilliant writing a legend!

On Delta Electronics Group Delta was founded in 1971, development has become the world’s largest ODM supplier and DC power supply fan, consumer electronic components, video, communications network and the main areas of industrial automation supplier . In 2008, Group sales exceeded 5.3 billion U.S. dollars.

Delta to “environmental protection, energy, love the earth” as the business mission, is committed to improving product efficiency and developing alternative energy products, and implement green design and production philosophy. Since 2006, the new global factories are using green building concepts, Delta factory in Tainan, Taiwan received the first “gold level” Green Building

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